Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Podcast

Our first podcast is here! There are two small glitches in the first five minutes (about 30 seconds) but other than that it was smooth sailing. Bear with them the last 18 minutes were smooth sailing!

We've got stats for you, advice letters and euphemisms! Listen and have fun.

Here are the promised book links: The Gallery and In the Dark.

Here's the book trailer link.

As always, you can email us at We'd love your letters, stories, and trapeze repair how to directions. Write us today.


  1. Excellent Maiden ( to speak) Voyage.

    Seriously, this was great fun and I for one am looking forward to more dueling euphemisms!

  2. Headaches from sex: Must be having sex backwards, Tuloose.

    "Worried": Wife was wearing old sweats with tick juice on them. Sexy mamma wants to play.

    "Singleinnicetown": Did you speak? I was listening to bad boy breathe.

    "BenDover": The megaphone brought to bed is the clue.

    Euphemisms. "Member" JOIN THE CLUB!!

    "Thobbing python of love?!" WTF.

    "Jade stalk" He's infected.

    "Raging beast of his desire" Grrrr--ruff! -please don't eat me! Oh, wait...-

    Why violent "man names"? Scared women? No. Is because going to bed with Jonathan and his bobble-head (or Brett's stupid-stick) don't inspire lust.

    Excellent excerpts. Enjoyed Podcast.